Timur V. Borodich

Vice-Dean of the faculty:
    Education: the Gomel State University after F. Scoryna with Honors (2006); specialized in Mathematics, qualified as Mathematician. Lecturer of Mathematics and IT.
Candidate of Science (Physics and Mathematics) (2011)
Teaching experience – 5 years

Post Diploma Education, Up-Dating and In-Depth Training:
2004 – 2006 Institute of Up-Dating and Retraining of the Gomel State
University after F. Scoryna, specialized in Law, qualified as Lawyer
2006 – 2007 – Magistracy of the Gomel State University after F. Scoryna
2007 – 2010 – Post-Graduate Courses of the Gomel State University after F.Scoryna
2012 – Up-Dating according to the syllabus "International Cooperation of Higher Educational Institutions and Education Export"

Published more than 20 scientific and methodical papers.

Awards: Laureate of President of Republic Belarus Stipend for Post-
Graduate students (2010)

The sphere of scientific interests: Theory of Finite Groups and their Classes,Coding Theory, Linguistic Mathematics

Lectures in: 1. Higher Mathematics
2. Mathematical Analysis
3. Analytical Geometry and Higher Algebra

Supervises the following specialities:
1. Automated Information Processing Systems
2. Biology
3. State Management
4. Psychology
5. Social Pedagogics