Faculty of Correspondence Studies as the unit of the University started its history in July 1974. The Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of BSSR granted the request of B.V. Bokut, the University rector, and issued the decision to organize the Faculty of Correspondence Studies in 8 specialities in the Gomel State University.
T.P. Tratsevskaya, Candidate of Science (Economy) was the first dean of the faculty.
   In 1978 – 1988 the head of the faculty was A.V. Sannikova,Candidate of Science (Pedagogics), Associate Professor of the chair of pedagogics.
   From November 1988 till now the head of the faculty is M.N. Murashko, Candidate of Science (History), Associate Professor.
   From 1975 till 2011 more than 18 000 specialists have been trained at the faculty. 112 from them graduated with Honors. Many of the graduates, trained at the University by correspondence, work not only in Belarus, but outside it in different spheres of economy, education, culture, jurisprudence, banking and elsewhere.Deputy of the Chamber of Representatives of Republic Belarus National Assembly has been elected A.A. Belyaev.
   Among the graduates of the faculty are Yu.P. Kozhaev, professor, Doctor of Science (Economics), M.E. Kobrinsky, rector of Belarusian State University of Physical Culture, professor, Doctor of Science (Pedagogics).V.A.Koleda, professor, Doctor of Science (Pedagogics) works as the head of the chair of physical education of the Belarusian State University. Candidate of Science (Philology), Associate Professor of the chair of Belarusian Literature of the Gomel State University A.V. Bredihina is also a graduate of the faculty of correspondence studies.
   High sport achievements belong to the participants of the Olympic Games, World and European competitions, masters of sport of the international class N. Kirov, V.Pusev, S.Smal, E,Polevaya, E.Marakutsa and to many other faculty graduates.