Department of distance education welcomes you!

    Over five thousand distance students are presently enrolled in twenty distance learning study programs and over twenty five subject areas of the Department of Distance Education. Efficient organization of academic education and development of new educational programs is the top priority for both the university and department administration and teaching staff. The department offers new courses in Forestry, Government Administration, Modern Foreign Languages (German), Modern Foreign Languages (English), Psychology, Software Engineering of Information Technologies, developed over the past few years.
    The department offers educational programs on a reduced term basis consistent with the concept of continuing education; thus the 15-year collaboration project between Francisk Scoryna Gomel State University and Rechitsa State College of Education allows the admission of college graduates with secondary level qualifications to major in Belarusian Philology and Modern Foreign Languages (German).
    High quality distance education courses are designed and regularly updated to meet the current higher education standards and requirements as well as the latest research findings. Academic assistance is offered throughout the program with regular mid-term consultations arranged at distance students’ convenience to give them support and advice on their academic work, to help students with any problems in their written assignments, coursework and dissertations.
    The admission policy of the department favours applicants with work experience, with prior further education college or university qualifications, those who are pursuing a career in their chosen field.     The department offers an opportunity to gain a second university diploma. Almost 100 students are pursuing a corresponding distance education course at present.
    Department administration and teaching staff focus on student involvement in research work as a major prerequisite of high academic achievement. Students’ participation in the national and international contests of research work is seen as indispensable to their academic progress. Distance students have a record of research excellence as confirmed by the national and international certificates of attainment and diplomas.
    The department makes sure all necessary conditions are created for active sportsmen, those who are members of the national sports teams and Gomel regional sports teams respectively.

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