Olga N. Melnikova

Vice-Dean of the faculty
Education: the Gomel State University after F. Scoryna with Honors
specialized in the Russian Language and Literature Candidate of Science (Philology) (2003)
Associate Professor
Teaching experience – 16 years

Post Diploma Education, Up-Dating and In-Depth Training:
1999 – 2002 - Post-Graduate Courses of the Gomel State University after F.Scoryna
2008 - Refresher Courses at the Republican Institute of Higher School
according to the syllabus "Modern Aspects of Learning and Teaching of the Disciplines of Social-Humanitarian Cycle"
2011 – Theoretical Training and Testing according to the syllabus MS ISO 9001 : 2008 "Inner Quality Management System Auditing"

Published more than 30 scientific and methodical papers, including syllabi for special courses.

Awards: Certificate of Honor of the Gomel State University after F.
Scoryna, 2009.

   The sphere of scientific interests: Lexicology, Semaciology, Cognitive Linguistics
Lectures in:
1. Introduction into Linguistics
2. General Linguistics
3. Cognitive Linguistics

Supervises the following specialities:
1. Geography
2. Foreign Languages
3. History
4. Law
5. Russian Philology